Irresistible Fast Food

Fast foods are a delight and a temptation, it is an irrestitible topic considering that currently there are a delicious plates of this kind of food to surprise the palate, preparations designed to delight the sense quickly and practice. Currently much it has been innovated in the world of the fast foods and in the […]

Colombian Bakery bread Tampa

Bakery typical Colombian is characterized for a delicious taste and craftsmanship, for any time of day. Bread is one of the unmissable meals in Colombia, it is consumed daily by most of the population. In Colombia, we have an immense variety of Colombian breads: there is a delicious “Pan Campesino” (peasant bread), prepared with enough butter […]

Colombian Independence

July 20 is an important date for Colombians, the cry of independence is celebrated. The history tells that everything was for a flower vase, on July 20, 1810. A symbolic act around a vase loan, belonging to José González Llorente led the uprising of the people of Santa Fe, promoting the liberation campaign. It was […]