Christmas in Colombia: Sweet traditions

Colombia is a home charged with human warmth and traditions. We invite you to know the more popular custom:

Night of candles: On December 7, the eve of the religious feast of the Immaculate Conception of María, the streets are illuminated by candles and lanterns that represent the Path traced for the Virgin to bless the homes of her faithful believers.

Novenas de aguinaldos: From the 16th to the 24th of December, Christmas Novenas are recited every night, carols are sung, joys are shared and a delicious Christmas dish is shared around the manger.

Christmas Night: The night of December 24 and early morning of the 25th is a great party, a space for family and friends to meet, where they share Christmas delicacies.

New Year’s Eve: December 31st at night is celebrated on the last day of the year, for which families gather and several end-of-year omens are held, such as eating 12 grapes, one for every bell of the clock before the end of the old year, which symbolizes a wish, a toast with champagne that symbolizes prosperity, spreading lentils in the home, symbolizing abundance and that there will never be a lack of food for that family.

The Pequeña Colombia Tampa´s family wishes you to enjoy this magical time, in the company of your loved ones.

We wish you blessings in abundance, we invite you to visit us and to share with us the novena of aguinaldos, this December 19.

Merry Christmas and prosperity!