LPCX CAFE Breakfast all day

The Pequeña Colombia Restaurant´s Family has a change made with the heart thinking of you, to fill your days of joy, is La Pequeña Colombia Express is now LPCX Café Bakery.

A space where you can share with family, as a couple or simply give yourself a personal taste of delicious Colombian coffee, the best in the world.

Here you can find breakfasts as famous and unforgettable as the calentado, toasted or arepa of avocado, arepas, chicharrón with potatoes creole and many other alternatives to start the day with the best energy.

Among the coffee drinks you will find espresso, coffee with milk, cut coffee, American and late. Also, you can find the delicious Colombian oats, natural juices and healthy shakes.

It is an exquisite variety of breakfasts, bakery, bakery and cafes, you can visit us whenever you want and even at any time of the day, here we will serve you with the warmth of the family and the love of Colombian food at your table.

Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and with us can be the most delicious.