Proud Colombian

July reminds us of our Independence, the perfect time to remember the things that make us proud of our land, Colombia.

1. Our beautiful people:

We are a variety of races, colors and dreams. We Colombians are distinguished in the rest of the world as friendly, happy people, who like to help others, we are perseverant and hospitable. We like that those who visit us feel at home.

2. Our music:

We have a variety of rhythms and influences. In all our meetings and parties, the music is infaltable. We love salsa, vallenato, cumbia, champeta and others…

3. Our talents:

We Colombians are the fighters of our dreams. The talent of our country has shone around the world, with our writers, athletes, artists, among many others.

4. Our natural resources and geography:

We have ridges, oceans to the Atlantic and Pacific. The Amazon is considered the lung of the world and we have a part of that treasure. We have a variety of flora and fauna, exotic and unique.

5. Our gastronomy:

Our food is unforgettable and delicious, in all regions of the country we have memorable typical dishes, from ajiaco, sancocho de gallina, empanadas, tamal, lechona, and more …

The good news is that in The Restaurante La Pequeña Colombia you will find a family that cooks with love at the service of our Colombian roots. We will wait for you!

“Being a Colombian is a life decision. It’s accepting that the past weighs, but while we can not change the past, we can build a new one. ” Camilo Herrera. To be Colombian. Published for El Tiempo.