Irresistible Fast Food

Fast foods are a delight and a temptation, it is an irrestitible topic considering that currently there are a delicious plates of this kind of food to surprise the palate, preparations designed to delight the sense quickly and practice.

Currently much it has been innovated in the world of the fast foods and in the Pequeña Colombia Express is not a exception.

Our menu is varied and for all tastes: We have a traditional hamburguer, the double mattress that includes two beef patties, and a typical flavors such as the creole burger, includes meat, ham, cheese, fried egg and Colombia Express which has mainly meat, ham, bacon, cheese, onion, red pepper …

We have hot dogs and snacks, among which are mainly madurote with our traditional sweet plantains with cheese and butter, and salchipapas, corn.

Children also have an exclusive and delicious menu for them where they can choose between their chicken nuggets, mini-dogs, mini-burger and mini-pizzas.

We invite you to visit us for choose between our variety …