Purpose 2018

Start the year with the best energy and willingness to eat well, remember that of a diet and healthy habits, our physical and emotional well-being depends a lot.

We propose you 5 simple tips for a good diet:

Breakfast is the main meal of the day, it provides the energy to start the day in the best way. Remember to include fiber, cereals, fruit. Remember that in La pequeña Colombia Express Café we are waiting for you.

The fruis and vegetables are essential components in a healthy diet, their daily consumption helps to prevent important diseases, so be encouraged to try more of these delights. Colombia is a country that is characterized by its wide variety of fruits. We love them!

Are you drinking enough water? Remember that it is important to stay hydrated, for this you can drink water, natural juices, smoothies, among many other options. In La la Pequeña Colombia Tampa we have a variety of natural juices for you.

Receiving food with a positive attitude, enjoying it, tasting it, enjoying the flavors is something valuable for your body, food should be a treat for everyone.

If you have cravings like chocolates, fast foods or what you call “peccadilloes”, go ahead, just remember not to exaggerate and always maintain a balanced diet.

Remember that your health is first. The Family of La Pequeña Colombia Tampa wishes you a healthy 2018. And don’t forget to visit us!