San valentine in Tampa

February 14 is the celebration of love and friendship day. Here we share with you some interesting facts:

1. Cupid:

In Roman mythology, he is the god of loving desire, the most representative icon of this day.

2. The oldest Valentine's love letter:

The letter was written in 1416 by the French duke, Carlos de Orleans, after being captured at the Azincourt Battle and locked in the Tower of London, which was addressed to his wife.

3. In antiquity:

St. Valentine marked the beginning of spring and celebrated fertility.

4. The symbol of the heart:

The Egyptians were the first culture in representing the heart. The symbol has mutated in different cultures and has had great importance not only as an organ of the body but in the representation of being the chest of feelings.

5. Details and love:

Love is not measured through what you give, but a detail full of all sentiment, even if it is simple, takes on the objective of being unforgettable and of manifesting how important that person can be in life.

6. “Love enters the stomach”:

This popular phrase repeated in many times by the grandmothers is true because humans associate food with pleasure.

If you want to live an unforgettable San Valentine, La Pequeña Colombia Tampa Restaurant invites you to a romantic four-course dinner, which includes a bottle of wine (pinot noir), live music and a special atmosphere.

The first moment is a Prosciutto Bruschetta, the second moment is a delicious pumpkin cream and mango with shrimp, as the third moment will be the main dish you can choose between: Lobster in Creole sauce with shrimp, Duck Magret with forest sauce And Lamb chop in lulo sauce. And the fourth moment is an exquisite sample of Colombian desserts.

We hope you, reserve with us to live an unforgettable moment.