Typical colombian rice dishes

Rice is a high fiber food, it  high blood pressure regulator, rich in vitamins and a great source of energy. In Colombia, rice is essential in the accompaniment of meals.

In our country there are very popular and delicious rice, one of them is Chicken and rice, it is a recipe with a variety of flavors that includes chicken, peas, carrots, and more.

Another delicacy of Colombian gastronomy is atollado” rice, a dish typical of the department of Valle del Cauca, it is a stewed rice that carries chicken, pork, different kinds of potatoes, vegetables and condiments. Served with patacones, hogao and chorizo.

A contribution of the Caribbean and Pacific region is Coconut Rice, a preparation based on white rice boiled in coconut milk, essential to accompany the Colombian sea food.

In our Restaurant La Pequeña Colombia Tampa, we have prepared for you, Chicken and rice, accompanied with sweet bananas. You can also find “Arroz marinero” or Rice with shrimp, preparations of great nutritional value, accompanied with ripe or tostones. And to finish with a dessert, you can order the Rice with milk, that will give the unforgettable closure for the palate.