Unforgettable Fried Plantain

The green Plantain is one of the most important accompaniments of Colombian gastronomy. In fact it has become a very popular main dish which is known as toasts, tostones or banana patacones.

We are a tropical country and we have this plant that is from the family of bananas, but it is not the same, the plantain is used as one of the main ingredients of the famous Colombian stew.

We used to eat it fried accompanied with creole stews, hogao, chives, bell pepper, guacamole, among others, and is a fantasy for the palate.

It is a crunchy and exquisite food that combines very well with very varied ingredients such as chicken, meat, shrimp, cheese, among others.

At La Pequeña Colombia Restaurant you can find Gratin tostones (prepared with cream cheese, chives, paprika, mushrooms and cheese), tostones gratin with crab and shrimp, tostones gratin with meat and chicken, tostones au gratin with meat, chicken, crab and shrimp, Tostones with meat or chicken onion.

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