Thanksgiving Day

Although Thanksgiving Day is a national celebration of the United States, in our beloved Colombia we want to highlight the essence of such a special day: to thank for the blessings received and to honor the family unity.

Before the traditional dish, the turkey, it is traditional to offer a prayer of thanks to God for the good things that happen, why say thank you?

For health that allows us to live and enjoy the day to day.

For a family that supports and wants, with which to count in good times and bad times.

For a friends who become part of your family.

For the food and a house to live.

For the opportunity to learn and grow.

For the Mother Earth that provides us with a home, a fertile land with food, water, vegetation, animals and many wonders to delight us.

And much more…

The Pequeña Colombia Family wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving and thanks you for being part of our community that loves delicious food with a Colombian home flavor.